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Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery

For whatever reason a person decides to undergo a cosmetic treatment, the outcome is with the aim of improving their well-being or quality of life.

Miss Breahna’s work as a consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon has changed the lives of many people. Experiencing first-hand how improving the physical appearance positively impacts the way a person feels inside has inspired the creation of Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery. The practice provides an opportunity for Miss Breahna to extend her services to include more aesthetic treatments and day case surgical procedures. Patients who visit Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery will experience the same attention to detail and high standards in patient care that are synonymous with Miss Breahna’s name.

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Looking and feeling one’s best is a desire for many men and women, and a visit to Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery can deliver just that.


Our Ethos

A totally patient-centred approach is a key aspect of our ethos at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery. We recognise that achieving a result that exceeds expectation, needs to be influenced by the patient’s individual needs. Everyone is unique, including their individual appearance, and the team at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery respects this fact. The key to a fabulous appearance is not to make dramatic changes, but to improve on the characteristics a person already possesses, or by taking the least invasive route possible. Many people wish to have great skin, look younger and / or remove any bodily imperfections. Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery can make this happen through recommending the right treatment: one that is totally suited to the individual.


The aesthetic / cosmetic industry is growing and evolving fast, and there are many different treatment solutions available up and down the country. Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery’s talented clinicians combine skill and medical knowledge, with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative treatment techniques to ensure every patients’ experience is both safe and effective. We bring this exceptional provision to Cheshire, delivering our services from a modern facility that is clinical yet comfortable. All the treatments that Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery offers are medically approved and the specific techniques we use are renowned for providing a successful result. Our private medical service ensures patients can access the treatment solution they need, knowing they’ll be receiving treatment from a caring, compassionate team of professionals who have advanced medical knowledge. 

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