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Minor Skin Procedures

Please view below minor skin procedures performed by Anca Breahna – Female Plastic Surgeon at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery in Chester UK.

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At Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery expert care meets aesthetic excellence. Led by the esteemed Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Anca Breahna, our clinic specialises in a wide range of skin procedures designed to enhance your natural beauty and improve your skin’s health. Whether you’re considering minor adjustments like mole or cyst removal or seeking more complex treatments such as skin grafts or scar revisions, our dedicated team is here to guide you through each step of the process. Our goal is not only to achieve the aesthetic results you desire but also to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your journey with us. With state-of-the-art technology and a compassionate approach, we are committed to providing personalised care that respects your individual needs and expectations.

Detailed Procedure Descriptions

At Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery, we believe that informed patients make the best decisions about their healthcare and cosmetic goals. That’s why we offer a detailed breakdown of each skin procedure available at our clinic, ensuring you have all the information needed to make a confident choice:

  • Mole Removal: Moles can be more than just cosmetic concerns; they might also pose medical risks. Our mole removal procedure is a simple, safe process typically performed under local anaesthesia. The method used—surgical excision, shave excision, or laser removal—depends on the mole’s characteristics. Recovery is swift, usually requiring just a few days, and post-procedure care involves keeping the area clean and protected from direct sunlight.
  • Cyst Removal: Cysts are non-cancerous, closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material. Removal is recommended when cysts cause pain, discomfort, or a risk of infection. The procedure involves a small incision to drain or remove the cyst and typically concludes within 30 minutes. Aftercare includes dressing changes and minimal downtime, allowing for a quick return to daily activities.
  • Wart Removal: Caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), warts are growths that can appear anywhere on the skin. Our clinic uses several treatments to remove warts, including cryotherapy, salicylic acid, or laser treatment, depending on the wart’s size, location, and the patient’s skin type. Recovery involves minimal discomfort, and care instructions focus on keeping the area clean and avoiding irritation.
  • Skin Grafts: Used primarily for treating extensive skin loss due to burns, injuries, or surgeries, skin grafts involve transplanting skin from one area of the body to another. It’s a delicate procedure that requires precise execution and post-operative care to ensure the graft heals properly. Recovery time varies based on the graft’s size and location but typically involves several weeks of careful wound management.
  • Scar Revision: This procedure aims to minimise a scar so that it blends more naturally with the surrounding skin tone and texture. Techniques vary from simple topical treatments to more advanced surgical revision, which may involve excision, laser therapy, or injections. While no scar can be removed completely, significant improvement in appearance can be expected. Recovery and care depend on the extent of the revision but generally include avoiding sun exposure and adhering to wound care instructions.

Each of these procedures is performed by Anca and her team, who prioritise your health, comfort, and satisfaction. By choosing Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery, you are entrusting your care to skilled professionals who are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes. We understand that undergoing any medical procedure can be a significant decision, and we are here to support you with comprehensive information and compassionate care every step of the way.

Recovery and Aftercare after Skin Procedures

Recovery and aftercare are important aspects of achieving the best outcomes from any skin procedure. The specifics can vary significantly depending on the nature and extent of the procedure, but some general principles apply universally to promote healing and minimise complications.

  • Immediate Care: Right after the procedure, it’s essential to follow Anca’s instructions, which may include applying cold compresses to reduce swelling and taking prescribed medications to manage pain and prevent infection. Keeping the treated area clean and protected from potential contaminants is vital.
  • Managing Discomfort: Discomfort is common in the days following a procedure. Over-the-counter pain relievers or prescribed medications can alleviate pain. It’s important to consult with Anca about what medications are safe to use, especially to avoid anything that could increase bleeding during the recovery phase.
  • Activity Restrictions: Patients are often advised to limit physical activities, especially any that might stretch or traumatise the treatment area. Rest is a crucial component of the healing process, and avoiding strenuous exercise ensures that the body can focus on healing.
  • Long-Term Care: Depending on the procedure, care may extend for weeks to months. Protecting the skin from the sun is universally advised to prevent changes in pigmentation and protect delicate healing skin. Furthermore, moisturising the area and avoiding abrasive skincare products can also help in maintaining the health of the skin during recovery.
  • Follow-Up Visits: Attending scheduled follow-up visits allows Anca to monitor the healing process and intervene promptly if any complications arise. These visits are a good opportunity to ask questions about ongoing care and to address any concerns that may surface during recovery.
  • Signs of Complications: It is vital to know the signs of possible complications, such as excessive redness, swelling, pus, severe pain, or fever. Early detection and management of any adverse symptoms can prevent more severe health issues.

Each patient’s recovery timeline and specifics will differ, but the overarching goal is to ensure a safe and effective healing process. Following Anca’s detailed instructions will significantly contribute to a smooth recovery and satisfying results from your skin procedure.

FAQs about Skin Procedures at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery


What precautions should I take before undergoing a skin procedure?

Before undergoing any procedure, it’s important to avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements, such as aspirin and fish oil, which could increase bleeding. Additionally, maintaining good hydration and avoiding alcohol can help ensure a smoother recovery.

How do I care for my skin immediately following a procedure?

Immediate post-procedure care can include applying ice packs to reduce swelling, avoiding makeup or harsh skincare products, and keeping the treated area elevated if needed. Specific care instructions will vary based on the procedure and will be provided by our team.

What signs of complications should I watch for after a procedure?

While complications are rare, you should watch for signs such as excessive redness, swelling, pus, severe pain, or fever. Contacting our clinic immediately if you notice any of these symptoms is important for prompt management.

Can skin procedures cause scarring?

There is always a potential for scarring with any procedure that involves incisions or removal of tissue. However, our skilled surgical techniques are designed to minimise scarring, and we provide guidance on scar prevention and management post-procedure.

What should I consider when choosing a cosmetic surgeon?

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to consider their qualifications, experience, and the quality of the clinic’s facilities. Reviews and before-and-after photos of previous patients can also provide insights into the surgeon’s expertise.

How often should I follow up after my procedure?

Follow-up schedules can vary depending on the procedure. Usually, an initial follow-up is scheduled within the first week to assess healing, with additional check-ups as needed. Consistent follow-ups ensure optimal recovery and address any concerns early.

Are there age restrictions for any skin procedures?

Some skin procedures have age restrictions based on the maturity of the skin and the individual’s health. Our clinic assesses each patient’s suitability for a procedure during the consultation, considering their specific health profile and aesthetic goals.

How can I prepare my skin for optimal results from a procedure?

Preparing your skin can include following a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and following a tailored skincare routine as advised during your pre-treatment consultations. Avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen can also improve outcomes.

What lifestyle changes might I need to make post-procedure?

Post-procedure lifestyle changes can include avoiding direct sunlight, rigorous exercise, and any activities that could stress the treated area. Smoking cessation and maintaining a healthy diet also play a role in healing.

How does the clinic ensure the safety and sterility of its procedures?

Our clinic adheres to strict standards of sterility and safety. We use the latest sterilisation technologies and follow rigorous protocols to prevent infection and ensure that every procedure is conducted in a safe, controlled environment.



Skin Excision for Cyst / Wart / Skin Tag


Skin Excision for Cyst / Wart / Skin Tag

When a cyst, wart or skin tags develop on the skin, it can cause an uneven surface and an aesthetic concern.

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Lipoma Removal


Lipoma Removal

Lipoma are lumps of fatty tissue that can appear anywhere on the body.

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Skin Mole Removal


Skin Mole Removal

Skin mole removal is a simple medical procedure done to remove unwanted or potentially harmful moles from the skin.

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Birthmark Removal Surgery


Birthmark Removal Surgery

Birthmark removal surgery is a medical procedure designed to lessen the appearance of or completely remove birthmarks.

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Ganglion Removal Surgery


Ganglion Removal Surgery

Ganglion Removal Surgery is a surgical process designed to treat ganglion cysts. The main aim of the is to remove the cyst and alleviate any associated symptoms.

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Scar Revision


Scar Revision

Scars can develop in many different forms, often depending on the way the skin and tissues were damaged.

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Skin Graft Surgery


Skin Graft Surgery

Skin graft surgery involves moving skin from one area of your body to another. It's a procedure commonly used to cover areas where skin has been damaged or lost.

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Full Thickness Skin Graft – FTSG


Full Thickness Skin Graft – FTSG

Full Thickness Skin Graft is a surgical procedure that transplants skin from one part of the body to another.

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About Anca Breahna – Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery

Ms Anca Breahna, PhD, MSc, FEBOPRAS, FRCS (Plast) is a highly regarded Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Anca performs a wide range of Hand Surgery & Skin Surgery and Aesthetic Breast, Body and Face Surgery,

Anca Breahna - Female Plastic Surgeon in Chester UK

As one of the very few female Plastic Surgeons in the region, she is able to offer that unique female perspective, with empathy, attention to detail and personalised care. It is Anca’s true dedication and commitment to her field, that sets her aside from her peers. Her extensive surgical training means that you are in safe hands. She is renowned for providing exceptional care, support and helping achieve realistic goals for her patients.

Anca Breahna’s surgical training has mainly been undertaken within the United Kingdom. She began a rigorous training programme in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1999, after achieving her medical degree from the University of Bucharest. Miss Breahna attained her PhD degree at the same university in 2007 for her medical research. She then relocated to the UK and has worked Internationally to further extend her qualifications and training.

The team at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery looks forward to meeting you and will treat you with respect, consideration, and empathy.

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