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Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery takes each case individually, and recognises that a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach does not achieve the desired outcome for all patients.

Although each patient journey is consistent in its process – consultation, treatment and aftercare – the way in which it is carried out will vary greatly from person to person. Miss Breahna and her team have extensive experience when dealing with patients; their different personalities, range of medical needs and preferences.


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Your unique experience

Patient Journey

Your Consultation

The first time a patient meets our team, is usually at the consultation. This part of the patient journey begins the treatment experience, and is often considered to be the most important part of the process. We do not expect our patients to know what treatment they require. This is why a comprehensive consultation needs to precede any treatment. Our practice always greets patients with a warm and friendly manner. This helps to put patients at ease, and enables both patient and clinician to have an honest and open discussion.

Each practitioner will listen intently to what is giving the patient concern, asking questions to further understand their medical history and gain an awareness of what they are looking to achieve. From here, we can make an informed recommendation as to the most appropriate course of action, working with the patient to devise a personalised treatment plan. We will ensure the patient is given a full explanation of the proposed treatment, including: the reasons for her recommendation, how the treatment works, the realistic results that can be achieved and any potential risks and side effects.

Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery does not expect every patient to book in for treatment there and then. We will always allow for thinking time, and will only proceed when a patient is 100% sure they want to continue.

Patient Journey

Your Treatment

On the treatment day, patients will come to the Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery, and one of the team will escort them to the treatment room. Patients are encouraged to make themselves comfortable and we will ensure they have everything they need to feel relaxed. Patients will need to give written consent before any procedure takes place, and the designated practitioner will go over the treatment details, once again. Ensuring patients remain at ease often involves keeping them informed. We will maintain communication throughout the procedure, only continuing when the patient is happy.

Treatment rooms are equipped with the latest state-of-the art technology. All the treatments available at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery are either non or less-invasive procedures that can be carried out within a short space of time, and patients are often able to leave the practice unaided. If any follow-up appointments or continued treatment appointments need to be arranged, this will be done before the patient leaves the practice.

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Although aftercare is the final stage in the treatment process, it does not mean the patient journey stops here. Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery is with every patient for as long as required, many of whom choose to return for additional / different treatments in the future. The combination of an exacting service, excellent patient care and exemplary patient satisfaction are the reasons why the team at Cheshire Cosmetic Surgery forms long and trusted relationships with their patients.

Before leaving we will ensure patients have been informed on what to expect in the coming hours or days. This information is important for a successful recovery and an effective outcome. Following the aftercare advice will help to reduce the risk of developing complications or compromising the final result.


Patient Journey


The treatment itself, aftercare advice is tailored to the individual, according to how the patient is expected to respond to their procedure. A member of the team will ensure they call or email in the days that follow treatment to check that the patient is healing well and are happy with the progressing result. All patients are welcome to further reviews if this is necessary. Miss Breahna and her team will always be happy to talk through any concerns and answer any questions that patients may have.

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